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Welcome to Universal Floor Covering

We offer comprehensive coverage solutions for all types of residences, offices, hotels and shopping centers etc.

We pride ourselves every day in providing our clients with the best service and customer service possible when it comes to floor coverage.

Why choose us

Universal Floor Covering, is a professional company that is characterized by providing quality services with lasting results.

We have a wide selection of floors

You will get quality material

Excellent service

We have extensive experience installing floors, you can trust us that you will receive excellent service.

Our services are adapted according to the needs of each of our clients.

Our Services

We are proud to present our floor covering service for all types of residences, offices, hotels and shopping centers, etc.

Select the material you want, contact us and we will create a budget and a personalized work plan according to your needs! Our floor covering options:

Carpet Tile

Carpet Sheet








Our team

Each of our employees is trained in both the knowledge of floors and the design of floors, also knows the characteristics and benefits of all types of flooring materials, therefore, we are sure that our staff can help you create the correct solution for you.

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Our office hours are: Mon-Fri 10AM-5PM and Sat 10AM-2PM aside from the office hours our crew offers services 7 days a week!.

PO Box 9364 Detroit, Michigan 48209.
Tel: (248)946-9958 Whatsapp: (248)946-6029
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Our clients

We are committed to providing only the best customer service, the best available floor coverings and the most capable workforce for your complete satisfaction.

For Universal Floor Covering, customers are the most important. That is why we strive every day to offer professional services from the first contact with the client to the delivery of the service.

We strive because our customers are not only happy with our services, but feel that they are important to us.